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School of Business and Management

Sustainability Management Simulation event sees students addressing climate change through management


Last term, students came together for a Sustainability Management Simulation challenge. The challenge saw students “managing” a successful four star city center hotel for seven years. Working in teams of five, participants were challenged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the hotel’s carbon budget and financial performance. 

The event was a mixture of online simulation, workshops and mentoring from faculty and industry experts. This hands-on approach allowed students to apply theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills to real life situations, enhancing their learning experience. The event was open to students from all Business and Management Programmes, at both UG and PG level. 

With big prizes up for grabs, the over 100 students participating had to work hard and think creatively. Especially if they wanted to be in the running for the first prize, £750. 

The team behind the challenge were pleased with the turnout and the increased awareness of net-zero amongst participants as a result of the event. 

Thanks to Dr Teidor Lyngdoh and PhD student PhD student Yuanyuan Lai for organising this event. 



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