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School of Business and Management

SBM research on financialisation and the future of workers wins the 2023 Kurt Rothschild Award for outstanding scientists

Kurt Rothschild Prize 2023

Left to right:  (1) Peter Mooslechner – Member of the Governing Board of Austrian National Bank; (2) Maria Maltschnig – Director of the Karl Renner Institute;  (3) Giorgos Gouzoulis;  (4) Giorgos Galanis;  (5) Andreas Babler - Party chair of the Social Democratic Party of Austria]  (photo credit: Astrid Knie)

Giorgos Gouzoulis and Giorgos Galanis, both at the School of Business and Management (SBM), were formally awarded the 2023 Kurt Rothschild Award for outstanding scientists in a ceremony in Vienna on 7 November. 

Gouzoulis and Galanis were awarded this prestigious prize for their body of research on the growing influence of financial dynamics in the world of work. For example, their article Financialization and the rise of atypical work, published in British Journal of Industrial Relations, shows that non-financial corporations use more contingent work to cope with rising financial payments, while indebted employees tend to accept such precarious arrangements due to the fear of losing their job and defaulting.

This work is a brilliant example of the culture of engaged research at SBM, which weaves questions of social justice, sustainability and good governance through the study of business and management. 



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