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School of Business and Management

Student Entrepreneurship Projects

Being an entrepreneur while studying is not an easy task. The School of Business and Management has been helping young entrepreneurs for over 10 years. We are proud to have supported some inspiring business ideas.

Marcos Souto Ulloa

SBM alumnus, Marcos Souto Ulloa, who graduated with an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and recently won a Young Innovator’s Award 2020 for developing a revolutionary material made from seaweed aimed at preventing plastic seeping into the world’s oceans. The Young Innovator’s Award recognises young people from across the UK who have the potential to become successful entrepreneurs and future leaders in innovation.

ET Collect

Transforming food waste into agricultural soil enricher.Team ET Collect

ET Collect won the Hult Prize regionals in Oslo (2019), with their winning idea being to partner with businesses and cities in Egypt and create products from recycled rubbish. Their forecast of creating 30,000 jobs gained the attention of the Egyptian Ambassador, who met with them to discuss their idea. The team also won access to the exclusive Hult Prize 5 week global accelerator in the same year.

AlgaX Superfoods

Planning for a more sustainable future.

AlgaX won the Hult Prize regionals in Santo Domingo (2020) with their idea of speeding up the transition to sustainable food through the sustainable and modular production of Omega 3 & plant based protein They also won access to the exclusive Hult Prize 5 week global accelerator the same year.


Creating alternatives to conventional meat using bug-based food.BURG burger and fries

This will be achieved by turning crickets from a common pest into a universal tasty, healthy and environmentally sustainable product with green packaging and lower production and transport cost than any other meat source.