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International exchange programme

The application stage for participation on the international exchange programme in the 2016/17 academic year is now closed..

Eligibility - Current Queen Mary undergraduate students (with the exception of students in Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Dentistry and Medicine) are eligible to apply.

Law Students - Students enrolled in The School of Law should contact Sheila Shirley ( for details of study abroad opportunities.

English and Drama Students - Students cannot study abroad for the full academic year. Students will be able to spend only the autumn semester studying at one of our exchange partners.

English and Drama Joint Honours Language Students - Joint honours English/Drama students studying a language who are taking a 4 year degree are excluded from the scheme.

School of Engineering and Materials Sciences - students can only participate in their second year of study.


A complete application will consist of the two page application form, a personal statement and a supporting academic reference. Students should follow these application procedures. Applicants must ensure they have spoken to their departmental study abroad coordinator before submitting their application. Applications can be submitted in person at The Study Abroad Office (E09, Ground Floor, Queens’ Building) or by email to

New Exchange Partners for 2016/2017

For 2016/17 we hope to offer students the opportunity to study abroad at the following new partners; The University of Pennsylvania – UPenn (USA), The University of Sydney (Australia) and Waseda University (Japan). Should we be unable to send students to any of these new institutions on exchange, and if you intend to include one or more of these destinations with your application, please provide at least one alternative destination from the list of other partner programmes.

The international exchange programme enables students from Queen Mary to spend a year or the autumn semester at one of our partner institutions. First year students enrolled on a three-year programme are invited to apply to spend the second year (or first semester of the second year) of their Queen Mary undergraduate degree course overseas.

Four-year degree students can apply for entry in year two or three of their degree programmes, with the exception of The School of Engineering and Materials Sciences which will not approve Year Three participation on the programme for their Four-year degree students. The academic work you complete abroad will be credited towards your Queen Mary degree. You will continue to pay tuition fees to Queen Mary for your period abroad, you will not have to pay tuition fees at the host institution.


Current Queen Mary undergraduate students (with the exception of students in Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Dentistry and Medicine) are eligible to apply. In exceptional cases students will be considered, (although some Schools will not permit this) to apply for the autumn semester only in their final year. Most students reading for a three year degree programme will go abroad in the second year of their studies. Students reading a four year degree can go abroad in the second or third year (please note SEMS students can only participate in their second year of study).

Students who wish to apply for the exchange programme must have entered Queen Mary with at least three grade Bs (or 300 tariff points) at A2-level or an equivalent qualification ie BTEC, Access Course or international qualification. All applicants will need to demonstrate to their departmental adviser that a suitable course of study is available at the receiving institution, which will integrate into their current studies to provide an overall programme of study that is academically acceptable for the award of a Queen Mary degree.

Students can use the links in the Partner Universities section to access class directories. All successful applications must be approved by the applicant's School and by the Head of International Partnerships.

All offers of admission to the exchange programme will be conditional upon students successfully completing their end of year Queen Mary examinations. Students who fail to meet this offer will have their participation reviewed by their academic School at Queen Mary and the host institution. Either party may withdraw a student from the programme.

You can email any enquiries to Harry Gibney, Study Abroad and International Exchanges Officer, at Discussions with your subject tutor, or Senior Tutor, should take place to ensure you have their permission to apply.
Our exchange destinations offer a diverse range of cultural and social environments and you should be aware that societal attitudes and norms can be quite different from those in the UK. These differences are often reflected in the legal environment.

You should familiarise yourself with these differences and bear them in mind when deciding whether to apply for the exchange programme and where to apply to. You need to consider whether you are going to be comfortable living and studying abroad in your chosen destination. You should pay particular attention to differences in areas such as freedom of political expression and rights to free speech, freedom of sexual expression and attitudes to same sex relationships; attitudes and the law pertaining to alcohol and other drugs. The age limits for participating in various activities varies according to location and, in most if not all countries, ignorance of the law is not a defence against prosecution.

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