SMD Strategy


To embed an international dimension in all QMUL activities and further enhance our stature as a leading global university.

We will build on our established reputation for internationalisation. In 2016, QMUL was named as one of the top 25 most internationally diverse universities in the world by the Times Higher Education. We will further our Faculty’s international stature by attracting talented International students, researchers and educators.

In pursuit of this, we will:

  • Select international collaborations that fit within our strategy and add value to QMUL and the partner organisation

  • Consider the potential of international impact and/or expansion as a matter of course when developing research or education initiatives within the faculty

  • Actively expand international research partnerships where there is scientific or educational benefit

  • Focus on turning international funding opportunities into new and sustainable funding streams

  • Maximise opportunities for promoting QMUL overseas

    We will prepare for increased international student numbers in our medical and dental programmes. Negotiations will continue with overseas governments who wish to sponsor cohorts of students to come to QMUL. We will seek to extend our portfolio of other undergraduate and postgraduate courses in line with QMUL Strategy.



4.1 Attract an increased number of international students

Indicator of ProgressTarget

Increase the number of international students on our education programmes

Constantly achieve the forecasted number of students enrolled in our newly established medical school in Malta

4.2 Expansion of international and translational programmes

Indicator of ProgressTarget

Number of new courses and educational programmes developed

Year on year increase in number of international and transnational courses in next five years

4.3 Attract national and international visitors to QMUL, showing them both the history and the future of cutting-edge research

Indicator of ProgressTarget
Expansion of our current public engagement activitiesYear on year increase in visitors to our public engagement centres