Student Experience, Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Strategic Aim 3

It is appreciated that the student experience is affected by all staff that come into contact with students. Therefore, it is important that all such academic, administrative, technical and professional services staff receive appropriate training and staff development opportunities (objective 3.1).

QMUL is a research intensive university and it is important that our students benefit from this environment. Many staff delivering academic programmes will be publishing in peer-reviewed journals and incorporating appropriate materials into the taught programmes and will provide research-related opportunities for students. All staff need to engage with suitable scholarly activity in, or to support, their discipline (objective 3.2).



3.1 Providing training and staff development opportunities related to teaching, academic support and pastoral support for all staff

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Number of staff achieving or working towards a teaching qualification or HEA fellowship (Appraisal)100% of staff who teach
Training and support of non-teaching staff involved with students activities to improve their ability to enhance student experienceAt least 75% of students in 90% programmes in agreement

3.2 Ensuring that all staff delivering academic programmes are active in scholarly activities

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Students benefitting from being in an environment where research and scholarship clearly informed teaching (QMSS)At least 75% of students in 90% programmes in agreement