Research Strategy

Strategic Aim 3

QMUL recognises the variety of research opportunities in terms of their origin, their disciplinary reach and the levels of investment and engagement required and will seek to take advantage of these.


1 QMUL will invest in a major expansion of Life Sciences over the period of this Strategy, exploring the opportunities for a Life Sciences Institute incorporating a significant number of new staff, and working towards further investment with external partners

2 QMUL will encourage interdisciplinary research initiatives and flexible research networks, and support the establishment of new research institutes where there is significant growth potential

3 QMUL will actively recruit outstanding new researchers and research teams, and support their research ambitions

4 QMUL recognizes the creativity and innovation that can arise from researcher initiatives and will facilitate these


5 QMUL will take advantage of grant opportunities in order to increase its ranking in terms of research income for each of the major UK Research Councils, other UKā€based funding bodies and from the European Union

Indicators of Progress
QMUL will be in the top ten (top 15 for EPSRC, NERC, ESRC) funded universities for each of the major UK Research Councils by 2018/19
Research grant income per academic will be in the top ten amongst UK Higher Education Institutions (HEI) by 2018/19
QMUL will diversify its research income so that more than half arises from outside the UK public purse by 2018/19, in particular through an increase in European Union funding
UK Research Council grant success rates for QMUL will match the median for Russell Group institutions, with similar success rates for other major funding agencies, by 2018/19