Strategy 2014


Strategic Aim 4: to embed an international dimension in all QMUL activities and further enhance our stature as a leading global university.

Universities have always been international in nature, reflecting their fundamental purpose in advancing and disseminating knowledge without restriction by national borders. We believe that a true and pervasive international outlook delivers a range of benefits and advantages to QMUL, including:

  • The exposure of our researchers to the most advanced ideas in the world, creating a community of “prepared minds”, able to absorb new ideas of international origin and translate them into economic and social benefit.
  • Recruitment of the highest quality academics, regardless of national origin, ensuring the highest possible standard of educational provision to students and facilitating the input to research of a broad range of ideas.
  • Promotion of the international character of the QMUL community, enhancing the educational value for both UK and international students.
  • Supporting the influence of UK ideas and values overseas, through alumni who achieve substantial influence (political, cultural, scientific) in their home countries.
  • Ensuring that QMUL’s progress is judged in an international context and therefore against the highest standards.

We will advance our international focus in a number of ways, notably by pursuing knowledge creation through international research collaborations with selected partners, recognising that the creative momentum for such partnerships derives from the talents and enthusiasms of individual researchers or research groups.

QMUL will continue to recruit the most talented academics, regardless of national origin. We will also build on our success in recruiting international students to be based on our London campuses, providing a high quality of education to those students and benefiting the entire student body through the encouragement of an international outlook. This includes our Associate Student programme, providing single or two- semester programmes to students from an increasing number of other countries. Of paramount importance is the welfare of international students and their support as they adapt to studying in a new country.

There will also be a focus on enhancing opportunities for our UK students to access opportunities abroad, in order to broaden their cultural awareness and provide them with new skills. A new language strategy will be developed at QMUL to support our international activities.

We will maintain close connections with our international alumni and will deepen these interactions through the Alumni Ambassador scheme to encourage networking between alumni and current students.

QMUL will seek significant expansion of activity in transnational education, always based on a model of genuine collaboration with overseas institutions, but adapted to match the requirements and strengths of our partners in different countries.



4.1 Promote global research interactions by creating major collaborations and nurturing their success.

Indicator of ProgressTarget
Number of new long-term collaborative research agreements with overseas partners (each involving at least three academics from both QMUL and the partner university).Three major new programmes per year over the course of the Strategy

4.2 Increase study-related opportunities outside of the UK for London-based students.

Indicator of ProgressTarget
Number of London-based students who undertake some proportion of their studies and/or work experience outside of the UK.100% increase in students benefiting by 18/19

4.3 Extend the portfolio of QMUL’s transnational education programmes.

Indicator of ProgressTarget
Number of students studying offshore on QMULprogrammes.5,000 students by 18/19

4.4 Increase the number of students (including associate students) from outside the UK whose education is presented, in whole or in part, on our London campuses, while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Indicator of ProgressTarget
Number of EU and Overseas students studying at QMUL's London campuses.50% increase by 18/19