International Strategy

Strategic Aim 3

Strategic Aim 3: Ensure the curricula we teach, and the student experience we offer, are internationally informed and relevant

In the same way that inter-disciplinary research and a more diverse student community opens up new perspectives and solutions, an internationally informed curriculum sheds new insight into old problems. In a world of rapidly changing skill requirements in the labour force, graduates gain a competitive edge when they can demonstrate the flexibility and inter-cultural understanding that comes from an international learning experience. We aim to instill in our graduates a sense of global citizenship, as part of the wider benefits of a high quality university education, and an understanding of the global perspective and solutions needed to address global problems.



3.1 Ensure that all our curricula, wherever delivered, offer as international a perspective and understanding as possible

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target

Programme Learning Outcomes aligned to the QMUL Graduate Attributes associated with a global perspective

Statement of Graduate Attributes refreshed, re-launched and embedded by 2018/19


3.2 Enhance language learning opportunities for QMUL students and staff

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target

No. of students and staff enrolling on language modules

10 per cent increase per year over the course of the strategy

Language provision

Increase in the range of language provision available over the course of the strategy based on demand and mindful of the needs of QMUL students and staff wherever they may be based


3.3 Develop a range of undergraduate programmes that offer an additional period of international studies

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target

Increase in programmes offering a period of international studies

Year on year increases over the course of the strategy in programmes offering a period of international studies


3.4 Develop short courses or workshops for both QMUL and non QMUL staff and students in the area of international education as a way of disseminating our knowledge and broadening the channels through which we understand the changing global world of higher education

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Number of short courses in International Education developed

One new short course per year


3.5 Enhance and expand the range of existing study abroad (including Erasmus and International Exchange Programme) opportunities. See also 3.3

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target

Number of London-based students who undertake some proportion of their studies and/or work experience outside of the UK

100 per cent increase by 2018/19

Financial model in support of two-way mobility

Agreed system of workload and income allocation from study abroad and exchange programmes implemented by 2015/16

Outward Mobility Task and Finish Group

Group convened to explore potential to grow outward mobility and make recommendations by 2015/16

3.6 Utilise on-line and blended learning to the full so as to enhance the international nature of the QMUL student experience

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target

Availability of QM+ across all sites of delivery

100 per cent availability