International Strategy

Strategic Aim 1

Strategic Aim 1: To attract an increased population of highly talented international students

A more diverse student population offers a range of intangible but very positive contributions to the life of the university. These include an enhanced experience for all students through the cross-fertilisation of ideas, and an enhanced experience for staff via the rewards of teaching an international cohort. Where demand is high at taught postgraduate taught level, the enrolment of international students can support the provision of certain subjects for all – often of strategic importance to the UK – and international students make a very significant contribution to our research base. The recruitment of international students is also important in supporting the development of our inter-country relationships and can have positive implications for the development of transnational education (TNE) programmes.



1.1 Constantly review and adjust our programme offering (in terms of subject, type of award, and mode of delivery) with global market opportunities in mind to attract an increased population of international students

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Programme portfolioProgrammes revised, developed or withdrawn year on year over the course of the strategy as appropriate to market demand
Number of international students studying in London50 per cent increase by 2018/19 (using 2012/13 baseline and total student population this equates to 2369 additional students)  

1.2 Review, integrate and enhance our in-house foundation (university pathway) programmes

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
International student satisfaction with foundation programmes.At least 75 per cent student satisfaction in module evaluations by 2018/19.
Progression rates to QMUL degree programmes.75 per cent progression on to QMUL degree programmes by 2018/19.
Student performance on degree programmes.Year on year increases in the proportion of students in each cohort gaining a 2:1 or First (IFP and ISEFP) and Merit or Distinction (PMP).

1.3 Monitor the effectiveness of our scholarships offer and our pricing strategies

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Reduction in number of scholarships offered that have no impact on student behaviourEvaluation demonstrates that scholarships have been decisive in encouraging 100 per cent of recipients to choose QMUL by 2018/19
Student perceptions of price and influence on their decision-makingYear on year increases in the proportion of students reporting satisfaction with comparative fee levels over the course of the strategy

1.4 Regularly review our educational partnerships as a source of international students, and adjust as appropriate

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Number of students (new and returning) joining QMUL degree programmes via established overseas articulation and progression partnerships200 students per year by 18/19

1.5 Facilitate the recruitment of international doctoral students through proactively engaging with overseas funding bodies and partner universities and developing and disseminating suitable models for collaborative PhD provision

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Agreements with overseas funding bodiesAgreements/ relationships in place with all relevant major overseas funding bodies by 2018/19
Number of funded students enrolled via Joint PhD arrangements in place with overseas institutions50 students by 2018/19

1.6 Introduce QMUL London-based international summer programmes as an additional means of promoting our offer to prospective international students by increasing the number of students visiting our London campuses

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Number of students registered for summer school programmes

250 students per year by 2018/19

(excludes summer schools in London run by overseas JPs – see 2.3)


1.7 Work with our international alumni network to communicate the attractiveness of the QMUL offer and increasingly to act as a source of advice on employment opportunities for our graduates (See also 1.12)

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Establishment of country specific e-networking platforms for international alumniAt least 10 platforms established for major markets by 2018/19
Number of international Alumni Ambassadors50 international Alumni Ambassadors by 18/19

1.8 Ensure that our recruitment and admissions processes operate seamlessly from the perspective of applicants

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Admissions turnaround and confirmation timesTo match or exceed performance in the Russell Group top quartile by 2018/19)
To establish a project to identify a comprehensive suite of measures and year on year targets based on comparative evidence by 2016

1.9 Identify and act upon the distinctive support needs of international students (including Associate and Exchange students)

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Identify and act upon the distinctive support needs of international students (including Associate and Exchange students)20 per cent of eligible population by 2018/19

Overall international student satisfaction with the following services in QMSS:

Advice and Counselling Service
Disability and Dyslexia Service
Student Health Service
Student Enquiry Centre
Library Services
Learning Development (e.g. support for maths, writing, academic skills)
IT services
Careers and Enterprise Centre
The Language Centre
The Fees Office
Residential Services and Housing Support Services

At least 90 per cent of international students satisfied by 18/19
Overall international student satisfaction with the Students’ Union in QMSSAt least 90 per cent of international students satisfied by 2018/19
Overall international student satisfaction with administrative support in schoolsAt least 90 per cent of students satisfied by 2018/19
Overall postgraduate student satisfaction with student servicesNew question to be added to PTES by 2015/16

1.10 Enhance opportunities for interaction between students of different nationalities as part of the wider student experience

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target

Student (UK, EU non-UK, non-EU) feedback on opportunities to interact with students of different nationalities


New question to be added to QMSS and PTES surveys for 2015/16
90 per cent student satisfaction with opportunities to interact with students from other countries by 2018/19

1.11 Enhance our capacity to offer advice relating to global career opportunities

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target
Globally relevant careers advice and guidanceJob-hunting resources covering at least 10 major markets in place by 2018/19
International student satisfaction with Careers and Enterprise in QMSS (relates to Objectives 1.11 and 1.12)90 per cent international student satisfaction with Careers & Enterprise in the QMSS by 2018/19

1.12 Increase work experience opportunities for international students (See also 1.7)

Indicator of Progress2018/2019 Target

Number of international students placed into work experience opportunities


At least 100 international students placed annually by 2018/19
Pilot targeted work experience programme for international students implemented by 2016/17