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Mini-festival of new music and alternative approaches to musical creativity launches

Pioneering names in electronic music will come together for a festival that celebrates new approaches to musical creation and creativity, hosted by Queen Mary University of London.

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Inter/Sections 2018: The RAW and The COOKED, held by The Media and Arts Technology (MAT) Centre for Doctoral Training based at Queen Mary’s School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, will feature practical workshops and demonstrations of live coding and DIY instrument and modular synth building.

The inaugural two-day festival – which takes place at Café 1001, Brick Lane, London on 28 and 29 September 2018 - targets complete beginners as well as experts.

The daytime events will present new possibilities and tools, which will be explored further during two evenings of live performances in an informal club setting.

Across the two days, The RAW and The COOKED will bring together many international pioneers in live coding and DIY instrument/modular synth building, including Renick Bell, Tom Whitwell, Ewa Justka, Rob Spencer, Lia Mice, Anna Xambo, Joanne Armitage, Eric Nystrom, and hellocatfood.

Jon Pigrem, event organiser and PhD student from Queen Mary’s School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, said: “The RAW and The COOKED takes an open approach to sharing knowledge and skills developed on the MAT programme, within the Queen Mary research groups, and wider student led activities. We hope to engage local communities with an accessible and relevant programme exploring new and current approaches to musical creation and creativity.

“The event comprises hands-on workshops and presentations by day, leading into evenings of live performance by Queen Mary artists and international guest artists."

Daytime workshops and evening raves

The RAW (28 September) will focus on live coding and code-based approaches to the real time creation of sound and image. During the daytime, there will be live coding workshops for beginners. Experienced users will be able to build on existing skills, branch out into new applications and develop a greater understanding of the craft guided by short 20-minute talks from experienced performers.

An Algorave will then take place in the evening - a live-coded audio-visual spectacular featuring performances from some of the UK's leading lights in audio-visual coded performance.

The COOKED (29 September) will look at DIY instrument and modular building, featuring hands on workshops to make and develop a musical instrument or synthesiser module. Queen Mary’s Bela team will guide people through the process of using their lightning fast single board computer to make low latency interactive prototypes, and Rob Spencer from GMSN! will be on site to supervise the construction of one of their newest Eurorack modules.

There will also be keynote presentations from experts in the instrument and modular world.

The day leads into a night of live electronic performance, featuring innovators in DIY creativity and new and alternative approaches to live performance.

Visit for more information and to book tickets.

More information:

  • Tickets can be purchased here
  • Weekend Ticket: £15 / £10 Concessions (+bf)
  • Day Ticket: £10 / £5 Concessions (+bf)
  • Find out more about studying for a PhD or masters at MAT
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