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Student View: Volunteering

The little things can bring about a bigger difference

Volunteering is your contribution to your community through giving your time and service to a cause without expecting any payment. Ad there are varieties of reasons as to why people choose to volunteer.

Volunteering is so much more than an addition to your CV, or a box you might need to tick. It’s a way to help yourself and everyone around you.

Below I have listed the volunteering roles I have done through Queen Mary Students Union (QMSU). 

  • Volunteering officer for Mile End 
  • Buddy scheme (Mentor) 
  • Course representative 
  • Book club (society) secretary 

I have also volunteered at Brightside and Wikitongues doing both mentoring and content creation. 

Generally, I'm inclined to support others and by helping, I feel valued in society which has enhanced my self-esteem.

I believe everyone has the potential to do amazing things, one of which is volunteering, and there's a lot to be gained by doing it: Useful skills can be acquired through volunteering e.g. communication, teamwork and leadership; I have met many new friends and connections through volunteering, including people from across the world with the same interests as me.

However, sometimes we are reluctant to volunteer because we do not have enough time or we may feel that it is not worthwhile. The fact is that any amount of time we can commit to is enough to make a difference in someone’s life. Spending one afternoon giving a tour to a student around campus can help them to get to all their lectures on time.

The most gratifying feeling which money cannot buy is seeing how appreciative people are of your help. These are simple and small acts of kindness, and it would be great if they became a habit. Volunteering is like helping your sibling clean up their room, where you are giving back but expecting nothing in return. 

So today, think about helping someone. Then do it. Remember; the little things can bring about a bigger difference.

It is just as vital to contribute in doing little things as to just do one major thing. For example, you can start by smiling at people who look like they have had a hard day. If you see someone struggling to hold anything (e.g. books/bags), or if someone trips on the stairs, lend them a hand. Be the first to help.

It amazes me what even little things can do.

So, for this summer break and onwards, make a goal and take action to make a change in your community.

Have any questions or want to know more?

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