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Student View: Study Smart

To become an effective student you need to study smart!

Study smart requires forming habits which prove effective by improving grades in addition to increasing your knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

How can I study smarter?

  • Study in a place where you can concentrate and actually get work done.
  • Go device-free, because phones are the biggest distraction.
  • ...Unless you urgently need it in order to study e.g. for research, journal articles or emailing etc. Perhaps dedicate a separate time where you use your electronic devices for research and a time without.
  • Prioritize tasks and have a genuine willingness to study.
  • Studying in our own time is tough, most of us just “can’t be asked” and it is also difficult to find time to study. Many of us know that the starting phase of studying is perhaps the hardest. But managing and prioritizing time is your answer.
  • Having energy before you study for focus and concentration is important. The energy comes from food and plenty of water!
  • Form a habit to study two to three hours a day
  • Of course there are plenty of other ways to study smart by ensuring you get enough sleep, exercise as well as setting yourself realistic goals and targets. Besides this, you need to ensure you are testing yourself; applying your knowledge and readings to questions, rather than just sinking clusters of information.

An important study smart strategy is to break down studying time, so I mean actually taking a break!

What if I do not take regular breaks?

1) Firstly, you will be unable to focus on the content
2) Secondly, this interrupts your ability to absorb new information

Taking breaks improves your productivity and creativity, and prevents stress.
Find out what strategies and techniques your friends use to study smart. Perhaps even ask your lecturers if they have anything in mind which they found helpful from their experiences. The more you study, the more knowledge you gain.

Have any questions or want to know more?
Ask me in the chat room.

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