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Mile End Institute

The Mile End Institute brings together politicians, policymakers, academics, and the public to debate the major challenges facing the country and its capital in a fast-moving world.

Their podcast series tackles the latest events in the fast-moving world of British politics. Our recommended episodes are below but you can see the full list on their Spotify channel

The Secret life of Special Advisers

Professor Tim Bale speaks with Peter Cardwell about his book, ‘The Secret Life of Special Advisers’. They discuss the different types of special advisers (SpAds) and the relationships between them and the Civil Service, the issue of leaks to the press, the final days of Theresa May’s administration and the most famous (ex) SpAd of the moment, Dominic Cummings.

Beyond the Red Wall with Deborah Mattinson

Deborah Mattinson talks to Professor Tim Bale her book ‘Beyond the Red Wall’. They discuss the importance of focus groups in understanding public opinion, the motives of those voters in the North of England who deserted Labour for the Tories in 2019, and what the parties need to do either to win them back or keep hold of them.

Gossip, Politics and Power with Marie Le Conte

In this episode, we welcome Marie Le Conte, author of 'Haven’t You Heard? Gossip, Politics and Power' to the Mile End institute podcast. In conversation with Co-Director Tim Bale, Marie discusses how she became interested in British politics, life as a freelance journalist, politics as a form of entertainment, her bonus chapter on Boris Johnson, and how her book can act as a guide for working in Westminster.

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