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Staying motivated at home

Third-year Physics student Ala shares the challenges of staying home and how to stay motivated.

Coronavirus has been a big issue in many regards such as motivation, mental health and temper. I’ve realised that as the days were going by, my motivation was slowly decreasing making it impossible to complete a task that I set to myself. So, one day I decided to introduce some change in my life.

I rearranged the layout of my furniture, removed documents and clothes that I no longer needed. The next day, I felt like my motivation and mental health was coming back to me, I began to want to do more and more activities, such as practicing piano, drawing and taking care of my garden. These activities helped me focus more which also enabled me to continue University work as if I had never left. They boosted my morale and productivity which I in turn directed towards my friends and family to help them through these tough times.

I also took some of the time in isolation to remove myself as much as I could from my phone, making this isolation like a small detox from technology. Now, I feel very refreshed and the days don’t seem as long as they used to.

So my advice to anyone struggling with isolation is to distance yourself from your phone, TV, computer and video games. Doing so will make you feel less like a prisoner of your own house and you will be able to do many things that you didn’t have time to do before. I’ve also decided to create a YouTube channel in which I will share the music that I love playing with people who feel lonely and want to relax in order to give them a sense of warmth and closeness.

There are so many more things that I find myself experimenting with, such as cooking. Speaking of which I should probably get to it!

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