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Making uni a fresh start

Ala, one of our Physics Ambassadors, tells you how to navigate your first year at Queen Mary.

The jump from A – Levels to university can be quite challenging since you’re in a brand-new environment, a completely different style of teaching and meeting new people. Although this can be daunting there are a few tips I can give you to make it smoother, from one student to the another.

The first piece of advice I can offer would be to do a refresher revision session before you start attending classes and lectures. This would be useful given that the summer break would have been more than enough time to forget most of the things that you studied so long for to complete you’re A-Level exams. Doing a little bit of revision or even looking into the upcoming modules you’ll be taking may give you a heads up for the following semester.

The second piece of advice I can offer would be to join societies. This would be the best way to meet new people and find people who have similar interests to you. Societies will organise meet and greets which you’ll have the option to attend once you join, there will be ice breaker events and so a great way to make friends. Try and get to know as many people as possible and remember there is no need to be shy because everyone there is in the same boat as you.

Lastly, if I could give one really important piece of advice, it would be to try to look at your upcoming uni experience as a fresh start. This would be particularly helpful if you did not enjoy your sixth form/ college experience. University is a completely different environment and you’ll have the opportunity to learn so much so don’t hold yourself back to trying out new things, because I can guarantee that there will be something here at Queen Mary for you.

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