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It’s more than a gown

Hear from students and tutors at our 2019 graduation days as they reflect on the different ways their views were welcomed and valued, the space made for diversity and inclusion, the support they’re received throughout their learning experience, and how it all makes Queen Mary a truly special place.

We also sat down with one more of our students Cheng Yeen Pak, to reflect on the journey at Queen Mary and plans for the future. 

First impressions

I had studied at other London universities and had something to compare with when I first arrived at Queen Mary. I was really attracted by the campus feel and being close to several large parks. I also felt the classrooms were more spacious and comfortable compared to other universities. The wealth of kebab shops in the vicinity kept me well-fed during my all-nighters at uni. As a new student, seeing a cemetery right in the middle of campus was pretty strange though.

Best memory

The camaraderie and a sense of belonging from being a part of the fencing team has been the absolute highlight of my time at Queen Mary. We supported each other through tough early morning training sessions before travelling together to competitions across the country (and even across the Channel!) to bring shiny medals home to QM

Biggest challenge

The transition from studying coursework to undertaking an open-ended masters research project was tough. All of a sudden, I had an endless choice of possible routes laid out in front of me and no one to tell you what to do. I made many, many mistakes and had return to square one, but I learnt to focus on enjoying the journey of exploration and discovery. Oh, and the sense of accomplishment after a successful thesis defense is so much more rewarding than any examination

After graduation

I secured a graduate job working with the logistics of aviation cargo, so the next time you order a parcel from overseas, I might be helping to deliver it to your doorstep in record time!

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