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Where could Maths at Queen Mary take you?

What interesting industries do graduates go into? 

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As a student, you’ll, of course, want to know where your degree could take you.  

With a rapidly growing number of jobs needing Maths, the global economy is changing and is being shaped by data, technology and machine learning. As a Mathematical Sciences graduate, you will come away with analytical and problem-solving skills as well as being comfortable with handling and understanding numerical data – skillsets which employers really value in a market where your subject is becoming increasingly vital. 

Business and Finance, Energy and Environment, Technology and Data Science  there is a huge range of paths available to you, and our graduates have excellent career prospects 

These include – but aren’t limited to  Energy and Environment, working in either meteorology, sustainable energy, transport planning, tourism or environmental policy. You could go into Technology and Data Science, where you could forge ahead in games design, cryptology and security, social media, software engineering and machine learning. Or you could follow many of our graduates into Actuarial Sciences, with a career insurance, pensions, investment management and actuarial consulting. These are just a handful of your options! 

A number of our graduates have gone on to work for high-profile companies, including Accenture, Bank of America, Bank of England, British Gas, Cancer Research UK, Dyson, EY, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, KPMG and PwC in a variety of rewarding professional roles. Some examples from recent graduates are Senior Analyst, Pricing Analyst, Network Management Analyst, Financial Modelling Analyst, Tax Assistant, Data Scientist and Commodities and Financial Risk Consultant.