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Queen Mary Formula Student Society: everything you need to know

Who builds a race car at university? We asked Zenouska Ramchunder, third year biochemistry student and team member of the Queen Mary Formula Student Society.

Tell us a bit about the Formula Student Society. What do you do? Who’s it for?

The Queen Mary Formula Student (QMFS) society participates in the annual Formula Student competition, in which students design, build and compete with a race car. Whilst the competition is aimed mostly at engineers, QMFS has a range of members from many different courses who participate in various activities for the society. There are many different roles in the society, and so many skills are transferable. The process for joining included filling in an application form and an interview. The application form mainly asked questions about my capabilities and what I can bring to the society should I be chosen to be a member. The interview went beyond this and went into further detail about my strengths and weaknesses, which was good preparation for anyone who goes for job interviews.

What made you want to join?

I chose to join the society as I believed it would improve my skills in communication, teamwork and problem solving, and I thought it would be a great way to meet people who have similar interest to my own in motorsport. Furthermore, it added to my knowledge of cars and allowed me to learn more about racing than I would have if I had not joined the society.

What’s the most exciting part of being in the Formula Student Society?

The biggest activity with this society was attending the Formula Student competition in Silverstone this year, which was one of my best experiences not only with this society, but during my time at Queen Mary University of London. This was a great experience to meet other Formula Student teams from different universities and learn ways to improve for the years to come. It was also an opportunity to present a Business Presentation to a panel of judges, which was an incredible experience and taught me a lot.

Have you built up new skills?

Being in a society like this one, which eventually leads to partaking in a competition with both national and international teams, time management, planning and organising are key to ensure success, and these are skills which are required for any job. Other skills include being dependable, getting on well with others, being open to new ideas and coping with different challenges.

Any advice for anyone thinking of joining?

I believe that anyone who is considering joining this society should definitely join. QMFS is a challenging society but an incredibly fun and rewarding one at the same time, and can provide opportunities that other societies do not. For example, at Silverstone there are stalls from different companies explaining how to get into work with them and provides new and useful information. The Formula Student competition teaches about motivation and innovation, which lead to success in any career, and the QMFS society embodies these ideas and is a stepping stone for achieving the very best you can and pushing yourself further.

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