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International Women in Engineering: Helen Hagos

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day, we spoke to MEng Mechanical Engineering graduate Helen Hagos.

What did you study at Queen Mary and what are you doing now?

"I studied an integrated masters in Mechanical Engineering and am currently working as a Project Engineer at AMETEK Airtechnology Group."

What sparked your interest in engineering?

"The love of problem solving and PHYSICS!"

How did your time and study at Queen Mary help your career and development?

"Queen Mary has a great set of modules for this course, taught by good lecturers that were within reach for any kind of discussion or educational support."

Tell us about your first job after graduation.

"My first technical job after graduating was as a Design Engineer at Rolls-Royce Submarine. It was such a great experience to work for a company that is renowned around the world. It was very much an eye-opener, especially as it was in the submarine sector, which isn’t something you hear about often."

What advice would you offer to current students who themselves are aspiring engineers?

"Think big, don’t be afraid to go and apply for direct entry jobs. Don’t just limit yourself to graduate roles. There are many, many forms of engineering out there, from design to manufacturing, purchasing, welding, sales etc. So go out there and try them all out."

Why is it exciting to do what you do?

"I am currently managing a project supplying actuation motors, that get used on helicopter landing gear! My other project is for a pitch and flap actuator."

As a woman working in engineering, do you have any role models that you look up to?

"No not really, I am my own self role model. If I can go so much further than I had imagined... then anything is possible!"

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