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Supporting the medical workforce during COVID-19

Professor Farida Fortune and colleagues examined the role of the dental team as part of the medical workforce during national and global crises

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, members of the dental team are being employed in several different settings, including general medical wards, maternity, emergency departments, renal dialysis units, Intensive Care Unit proning and oral care teams. They are also training medical staff on the general wards in COVID-19 procedures, and assisting maxillofacial and general surgery operative procedures. Without exception, the feedback received from senior medical colleagues has been positive.

Their report concludes that it is highly advantageous to maintain an effective skilled workforce of dental professionals with additional skills needed during emergencies or times of crises. 

Professor Fortune is Professor of Medicine in relation to Oral Health and Director of the Behçet’s Centre of Excellence in London.

An example of this support in action is Dr Swati Nehete, who is Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Institute of Dentistry. She was recently called up to volunteer in the maternity wards at The Royal London Hospital to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read more about her experiences.

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