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Gaining a deeper understanding of dentistry and oral healthcare

Dentistry is as demanding as it is rewarding. It brings together elements from other sciences and disciplines, and requires empathy and relational skills.

In response to this, we have established a friendly, collaborative and research-led learning environment that is consistently ranked highly for dental education and patient care. You will be taught by experts who are passionate and at the forefront of their fields. With an intake of around 70 students each year, we are one of the smaller dental schools, which enhances our sense of community.

Early on, students are given access to a patient base which is unique in its diversity, meaning you’ll encounter a broader variety of diseases, such as rare oral cancers. By ensuring you work with patients from your second year, you are given the tools to excel in clinical outreach environments across east London and Essex – which you’ll work in from your third year. During your time with patients, you will be responsible for putting together prevention and treatment strategies and, in doing so, will develop vital professional and personal competences.

We offer students the chance to take a year out of their degree to undertake an intercalated year. This is available to you after either your second, third or fourth year and there are a wide range at Bachelors and Masters level. Students can choose from a portfolio which includes Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Materials, Global Public Health, Medical Education, Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics.

The benefits to an intercalated year are many and huge. Not only will you have to think critically, but you will gain a deeper understanding of the underlying sciences to dentistry, which, in turn, will help your clinical studies. By taking an intercalated year, you can explore a particular area and expand your career options, which can be a big asset when applying to a foundation training programme after you’ve graduated.

Community forms a key part of what we do, and students get to experience working closely with the local community on initiatives such as the Sugar Smart campaign. Participating students get involved with local primary schools to raise awareness of the downsides of sugar and to share tips on oral health – and healthy living in general. Through this initiative, students are able to engage with the community, consolidate their knowledge and gain real knowledge of the health challenges members of the population face.

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