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It’s more than a gown

Hear from students and tutors at our 2019 graduation days as they reflect on the different ways their views were welcomed and valued, the space made for diversity and inclusion, the support they’re received throughout their learning experience, and how it all makes Queen Mary a truly special place.

We also sat down with one more of our students Nazifa Aktar, to reflect on the journey at Queen Mary and plans for the future. 

First impressions

Entering those gates of Queen Mary university for the very first time was a daunting prospect. I was no longer a school student and now I had to push my brain to the very limits to adapt to the world of a biomed undergraduate. My three years at Queen Mary have been absolutely amazing but let’s rewind back. My very first week of university triggered a whole rollercoaster of emotions. I was nervous, optimistic, a bit overwhelmed but felt refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead. After making some phenomenal friends and through the support of my family, I was able to try new things, test my limits and in doing so I definitely learnt a lot about university and how to adult in those tentative weeks.

Best memory

There were many unforgettable and good memories that I take away with me from Queen Mary. Being able to spend the last three years in lectures, labs and outside uni with such amazing and kind friends that I made in freshers week has been an incredible experience. Also, being a SBBS student ambassador for three years has been both an enjoyable and rewarding experience as I had the opportunity to work with so many other ambassadors, students and university staff. I have also learnt a lot about how the university functions, working in many different areas within the university and my confidence in public speaking has massively improved as well. I really enjoyed my time at Queen Mary and it has been great to share my enthusiasm and experiences with prospective students.

Biggest challenge

Keeping up with all the lectures, new material that was being introduced, extra reading and can’t forget all the practicals and lab work as well!! It was challenging and I did have doubts but I always made sure I had a positive mindset and it was all worth it in the end.

After graduation

That’s a good question! I’m trying to keep my options open at the moment and constantly pursue new opportunities, but definitely want to work in science and healthcare.

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