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Queen Mary Global Policy Institute

Event - Good Practices in Sovereign Debt Borrowing

When: Monday, February 22, 2021, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Where: Zoom webinar, online


The pandemic and the resulting collapse in economic activity have significantly increased the risk of debt distress in many countries, especially the poorest ones, and several recent debt scandals show that debts are sometimes wrongly incurred, or used inappropriately.

When should a country incur debt, and what should we do to minimise default risk and promote long-term sustainability of sovereign debt borrowings?

Queen Mary’s Institute for Global Law Economics and Finance (IGLEF) and Global Policy Institute have organised a webinar with a panel of leading experts to answer these questions, discuss the issues and exchange ideas. 

The event will explore good practices on managing and mitigating risks related to sovereign debt borrowings, and include a discussion on assessing the necessity of incurring new debts and improving transparency in sovereign borrowing. 

The event will also formally launch the joint IGLEF-GPI project on "Good Practices in Sovereign Debt Borrowing". 

Barry Eichengreen, Professor in Economics and Political Science, University of California Berkeley.
Anne O. Krueger, Former Chief Economists, World Bank and Former Managing Director, IMF.
Gyude Moore, Senior Policy Officer, Center for Global Development.
Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal, Professor in Banking and Finance Law, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London.
Paola Subacchi, Professor in International Economics, Global Policy Institute, Queen Mary University of London.

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