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Queen Mary Global Policy Institute

Adapting to survive - climate change and resilience in Africa

When: Wednesday, July 6, 2022, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Where: Virtual


Despite its low contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, Africa is the continent most vulnerable to the effects of climate change under all climate scenarios above 1.5 degrees Celsius. (1)

Rising temperatures and sea levels, changing precipitation patterns and more extreme weather threaten health, food and water security, as well as socio-economic development. (2)

Given these diverse threats, how should African countries most effectively respond to the climate emergency and contribute to global climate commitments? 

This Queen Mary Global Policy Institute (QMGPI) launched the QMGPI’s report on Adapation and Climate Resilience in Africa and bring together panellists from the UK, Eswatini and Nigeria to discuss the report’s key findings and share their unique approaches to building climate resilience in their respective countries.

Visiting Rotary Associate Policy Fellow, Peter Gaduel, also introduces his report which focuses on the Unity State region of South Sudan in which climate shocks and militarised cattle raiding have disrupted livelihood systems at county levels while increasing internal displacement and dependence on humanitarian agencies for food and basic services.

Read the reports:

Preparing for a Warmer Sub-Saharan Africa - Focus on Kenya and South Africa

Reviewing the climate-security nexus: The impacts of climate vulnerability on pastoralist conflicts in the Unity State region, South Sudan


Our panel includes: 

  • Moderator: Dr Fernando Barrio, Senior Lecturer in Business Law and QMGPI Academic Lead for Resilience and Sustainability 
  • Professor Colin Grant - Vice Principal (International), Queen Mary University of London (welcome remarks)
  • Khetsiwe Khumalo – Climate Change Programme Coordinator, Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Government of Eswatini 
  • Deepa Pullanikkatil, NDC Coordinator, Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs (Contracted through UNDP)
  • Atâyi Babs, National Network Coordinator, Climate and Sustainable Development Network of Nigeria (CSDevNet)
  • Mr Peter Gaduel - Rotary Peace Fellow, University of Bradford and visiting Rotary Associate Policy Fellow at the Queen Mary Global Policy Institute

This event marks the first QMGPI-led public engagement on Climate Resilience and is part of the growing Climate Resilience work under the Institute’s Resilience and Sustainability Thematic Area. 




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  1. State of the Climate in Africa 2019, World Meterological Organization. 

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