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Queen Mary Global Policy Institute

A Sustainable Future for Energy

When: Monday, March 14, 2022, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Where: Virtual event, online


The world is facing a new global energy crisis, the latest in a series of cyclical shortages since the first oil crisis began in October 1973.

Oil and gas prices were already rising after lockdowns and other restrictions stymied demand during the Coronavirus pandemic, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has turned commodity markets on their head. Oil prices have blasted past $100 a barrel to new highs and natural gas prices have jumped higher still, piling inflationary pressure on governments and leaving consumers wondering how they will be able afford to heat their homes or put fuel in their cars.

Against this backdrop, how can we ensure that both global consumption and supply of energy is sustainable for future generations?

This Queen Mary Global Policy Institute seminar focused on sustainable energy, as we considered how to build a global energy system that is truly sustainable for all.

The event brought together a powerful consortium of international subject experts and policymakers from five continents to forge a unified vision of a sustainable future that unites developed and developing nations, from the US to India, and from the UK to Indonesia.

Principal of Queen Mary University of London Professor Colin Bailey chaired the event, which shared invaluable lessons learnt from experts with experience across the globe including America, Africa, Brazil and India.

Our esteemed panel of experts included:

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