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Queen Mary Global Policy Institute

2022 NEXTEUK International Conference: "Global Order and the Future of EU-UK Relations"

When: Thursday, January 13, 2022 - Friday, January 14, 2022, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Where: Virtual event, online


The Brexit transition period ended one year ago on 31 December 2020, just after the Trade and Cooperation Agreement was adopted to govern EU-UK relations. However, this text does not deal with all aspects of the new partnership, and the impact of the UK's withdrawal on Global Order remains uncertain. Some of the consequences are already visible, such as the AUKUS pact, while other effects could appear in the longer term.

The 2022 NEXTEUK Conference on Global Order and The Future of EU-UK Relations was an opportunity for high-level decision-makers, experts and scholars to discuss these issues and exchange ideas about the impact of Brexit, the future of EU-UK relations and Global Order. The panels and policy roundtables - held in partnership with the Queen Mary Global Policy Institute - were organised around key topics such as:

  • EU-UK security relationship
  • EU-UK trade and economic relationship and policies
  • EU and UK post-Brexit foreign and defence strategies
  • EU-UK sectoral relations 
  • Transatlantic and multilateral cooperation
  • Climate change and the challenges to human security

View the full programme using the link below:
Detailed Programme of the 2022 NEXTEUK Conference [PDF 145KB]

This conference was organised by NEXTEUK, a Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence co-funded by the Erasmus+ scheme led by Dr Sarah Wolff, Director of the Centre for European Research, Queen Mary University of London. The event was supported by the University of London Institute in Paris.

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