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School of Geography

Professor Caroline Knowles


Global Professorial Fellow

Twitter: @urbanmorph


Selected Publications:

Serious Money: walking plutocratic London, London: Penguin 2022

‘Infrastructures of Plutocratic London’ in Ash Amin and Michele Lancione, eds. The Grammar of the Urban Ground, Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, 2022

With Roger Burrows ‘The “Haves” and the “Have Yachts”: Socio-Spatial Struggles in London Between the “Merely Wealthy” and the “Super-Rich”, Cultural Politics 15 (1),2019 pp.72-87

‘Walking Plutocratic London: Exploring Erotic, Phantasmagoric Mayfair’, Social Semiotics, 2017 27 (3), pp. 299-309, (

‘Reframing Sociologies of Migration in Encounters with Chinese London’, British Journal of Sociology, 2017 68 (3), pp. 454-473.

With Vered Amit ‘Improvising and Navigating Mobilities: Tacking in Everyday Life’, Theory, Culture and Society, 2017 34 (7-8), pp. 165-179, (

‘Untangling the translocal urban textures of trash: plastics and plasticity in Addis Ababa’, Social Anthropology/Anthropology Sociale, 2017 25 (3), pp. 288-300.

‘The Flip-Flop Trail and Fragile Globalisation’, Theory, Culture and Society, 2015 32 (7-8), pp. 231-244.

Flip-Flop: A Journey through Globalisation’s Backroads, London: Pluto Press, 2014

‘Dancing With Bulldozers: Migrant Life on Beijing’s Periphery’, City, 2014 18 (1), pp. 41-57.

‘Nigerian London: re-mapping space and ethnicity in superdiverse cities, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 2013 36 (4), pp. 651-669.

‘Nigerian London and British Hong Kong: Rethinking Migration, Ethnicity and Urban Space through Journeys’, Identities, 2013 19 (4), pp. 510-519.

With Douglas Harper- photographer, Hong Kong: Migrant Lives, Landscapes and Journeys, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010.

With Claire Alexander eds. Making Race Matter: Bodies, Space and Identity, Basingstoke: Palgrave 2005.

With Paul Sweetman eds. Picturing the Social Landscape: Visual Methods and the Sociological Imagination, London: Routledge 2004. Translated into Japanese

Race and Social Analysis, London: Sage 2003

Bedlam on the Streets, London & New York: Routledge, 2000

Research interests:

City making through finance and migration, spatial justice, wealth and ethnicities


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