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School of Geography

Our PhD students

Find out more about our current PhD students and what they go on to do after graduation.

Queen Mary is a great place to work or study, primarily because of its locality, its commitment to applied research and its diverse student population. As one of the most diverse universities in Europe, if not the world, I think that this is the best sort of learning environment you can be in
— Suzy Solley, PhD Human Geography (2016)

Careers and graduate destinations

We have a wide range of links with organisations, including international trade unions (e.g. ITWF), community organisations (e.g. London Citizens), museums and cultural institutions (e.g. the Geffreye Museum), and regional, national and international governmental and inter-governmental agencies (e.g. OECD, World Bank and the NHS). Our links with conservation and resource management organisations include Centre for Hydrology and Ecology, Dorset and Wallingford, Countryside Council for Wales, Environment Agency, HR Wallingford Ltd, and Natural England. Taking advantage of these connections, our PhD students have followed a range of careers in different sectors and a number of countries.

Some of our former PhD students are following academic careers as Lecturers or Research Fellows (Goldsmith’s College, University of London • Lancaster University • King’s College London • University of Leeds • London Metropolitan University • Trinity College, Cambridge • McMaster University • National University of Mexico); while other former students have utilised their research skills outside academia in the business sector, and at organisations such as: Dutch Geological Survey • Department for International Development • Environment Agency • Migrants Rights Network • Industrial Areas Foundation, Chicago • Department for Education and Skills • Iraq Inquiry Unit, Dept for International Development • Science Museum, London • UN-HABITAT, Nairobi

Our postgraduate researchers also benefit from the services and support offered by the QMUL Careers and Enterprise Centre.

Current PhD students

For a list of our current PhD students, click here.  

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