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School of Geography

PODCAST: Problematizing Law, Rights and Childhood in Israel/Palestine

In this podcast, Ekta Oza, a doctoral researcher within the School of Geography, speaks with Dr Hedi Viterbo about his new book.


This episode features a conversation with Dr. Hedi Viterbo and Ekta Oza where they discuss Dr. Viterbo's new book, Problematising Law, Rights and Childhood in Israel/Palestine (Cambridge University Press, 2021).

Bridging disciplinary divides, and drawing on hundreds of previously unexamined sources (many of which are not publicly available), this book radically challenges our picture of childhood, human rights, and law, both in and beyond the Israel/Palestine context. In the book, Dr. Viterbo reveals how Israel, rather than disregarding children's rights and international law, has used them to hone and legitimize its violence against Palestinians. Further, he exposes the human rights community's complicity in this situation, due to its problematic assumptions about childhood, its uncritical embrace of international law, and its recurring emulation of Israel's security discourse.



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