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School of Geography

Gibraltar reform is a small – but important – step for abortion rights in Europe

Dr Sydney Calkin, a Lecturer in Human Geography within the School of Geography, discusses how Gibraltar's recent referendum to make abortion legally available is a small – but important – step for abortion rights in Europe for The Conversation.


Gibraltar has voted to change the territory’s strict abortion ban, which held that abortion was punishable by “imprisonment for life” for the pregnant person and anyone who helped them get an abortion.

Just over half of Gibraltar’s 23,343 eligible voters took part in the referendum on June 24, with 62% voting in favour of reforms to make abortion legally available. The success of the referendum will mean important changes for people in Gibraltar who urgently need access to safe, legal and local abortion.

Originally planned for March 2020, the vote was delayed by the pandemic until June 2021. The referendum asked voters whether to approve a set of reforms to Gibraltar’s Crimes Act, to allow abortion in the following circumstances:


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