School of Economics and Finance Hot Topic Lectures

When: Thursday, March 18, 2021, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Where: Online,

Speaker: Professor George Skiadopoulos and Dr Moqi Groen-Xu

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The School of Economics and Finance is delighted to invite you to the first Hot Topics Lecture. These talks aim to focus on topical areas of economics and finance, bringing in the speakers' own research.


Professor George SkiadopoulosHow climate change affects institutional investors and asset prices 

Professor Skiadopoulos will present some results from his recent research on the effects of climate change on investment. Following an introduction where he will define some key concepts, he will show results from well published surveys and discuss challenges for institutional investors. He will conclude by presenting results from his research on whether investors demand a risk premium for being exposed to climate change risks.


Dr Moqi Groen-XuShould firms maximize shareholder value? and what does that entail?

In the wake of climate change and Covid, one of the oldest questions in Finance is being hotly debated again. Dr Groen-Xu will discuss some of the recent takes on Corporate Social Responsibility. She will also present her own work on the shareholder response to environmental, social, and governance incidents.