EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment in Context Series (Part I)

When: Monday, March 8, 2021, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Where: Online,

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Session 1: EU and China Investments: Areas of Convergence and Divergence

9:30am London time (5:30pm Beijing time)

Chair: Prof. Julien Chaisse

- EU-China investment relations, by Prof. Jean-Christophe Defraigne (University Saint Louis-Brussels)

- Services and market, by Dr Pascal Kerneis (European Services Forum)

- SOEs by Dr Lu Wang (UNSW)

- Arbitration Clauses Limited to Compensation due to Expropriation, by Dr Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa (European University Institute)

Discussants: Dr Chien-Huei Wu (Academia Sinica) and Prof. José Luís de Sales Marques (Institute of European Studies of Macau)

Session 2: EU and China investment disputes: To ISDS or not to ISDS?

11:00am London time (7:00pm Beijing time)

Chair: Dr Matthieu Burnay

- European approach towards ISDS reform, by Ms. Adinda Sinnaeve (European Commission)

- The state of China’s experience in ISDS, by Prof. Chi Manjiao (UIBE)

- China’s approach towards ISDS reform, by Prof. Ming Du (Durham University)

- Issues around ISDS in CAI, Prof. Tong Qi (Wuhan University)

Discussants: Prof. Li Yuwen (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Dr Daniel Behn (QMUL)

Concluding remarks

12:30am London time (8:30pm Beijing time)

**Please note this will be an online event and all registrants will be sent joining instructions on Friday 5th March.