Implant Masterclass: Mastering the art of implants in the aesthetic zone

9 November 2017 - 10 November 2017

Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Venue: Barts and the London Dental School, Turner Street, Whitechapel, London E1 2BA

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This two day course is designed for clinicians seeking to gain experience and enhance their skills in placing and restoring implants in the aesthetic zone.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Aesthetic risk assessment (Dr Mital Patel)
  • Discuss how various medical, social and clinical parameters that influence outcome of implant treatment in the aesthetic zone
  • Identify key features that will help identify cases where there is a risk of an aesthetic compromise following implant rehabilitation
  • Identify and discuss the prosthodontics challenges of replacing multiple missing teeth in the aesthetic zone and the various options available
  • Discuss number of implants required for replacing multiple missing teeth and prosthesis design
  • Discuss the use of pink ceramics in areas of multiple missing teeth


Extraction and its sequelae (Dr Nikos Mardas)

  • Discuss various extraction techniques and offer clinical tips in extracting teeth atraumatically in order to preserve bone and soft tissue
  • Discuss what happens histologically within an extraction site following loss of the tooth including the fate of the bundle bone
  • Discuss techniques for bone and soft tissue preservation and the evidence for the various options

Surgical aspects of implants in the aesthetic zone (Dr Shakeel Shahdad)

  • Discuss the importance of implant design including shape and surface characteristics of the implant
  • Demonstrate the differences between using bone level and tissue implants in the aesthetic zone 
  • Outline the surgical prerequisites in aesthetic zone                                          


Abutment connection surgery (Dr Dominiki Chatzopoulou)

  • Identify key factors to consider when planning exposure of implants in the aesthetic zone
  • Discuss clinical techniques for exposing implants in the aesthetic zone with the final soft tissue outcome in mind
  • Use clinical videos to demonstrate various clinical procedures

Biologic rationale for GBR (Professor Nikos Donos)

 Discuss the biology of bone healing

      • Identify key factors responsible for successful guided bone regeneration


Provisionalisation in aesthetic zone (Dr Claudia Wellmann)

      • Discuss options for provisionally replacing the missing tooth at various stages of implant treatment including Pre-implant surgery/post extraction, immediately following implant placement and at initial loading of the implant.
      •  Importance of the Implant retained provisional in the aesthetic zone and techniques for using the provisional restoration for soft tissue manipulation
      •  Techniques to capture the contoured soft tissues and transferring them to the master class


Managing aesthetic failures (Dr Shakeel Shahdad)

Demonstrate with clinical examples situations when things go wrong in the aesthetic zone

      • Identify causes of failures and possible solutions to rectify the situation


Learning outcome for live surgical procedure:

      • Live implant placement procedure with simultaneous GBR
      • Demonstrate surgical protocol for ideal placement of a single implant in the safe zone of the edentulous site within the aesthetic zone
      • Demonstrate the use of tissue level implants
      • Demonstrate complex GBR in the aesthetic zone and techniques to achieve a predictable aesthetic outcome


Learning outcomes for hands-on elements of the master class:

Hands on surgical implant placement and GBR

      • Experience the placement of tissue level implant into a pigs jaw along with simultaneous GBR
      • The delegate will be able to experience and put into practice what they have learnt through the lectures and the live surgery demonstration.


Making provisional restoration                 

      • Small group exercise allowing the delegate to construct a chair side provisional restoration for the aesthetic zone


Customising impression copings                               

      • Small group exercise allowing the delegate to customise an impression coping using simple modern technique that will easily capture the soft tissue contours created by soft tissue manipulation of the provisional restoration


Designing CAD abutments

      • Small group exercise with the in-house technicians to discuss the design and fabrication of CAD CAM abutments in the aesthetic zone.





Day 1  9th November 2017                                                   

8.30 am: Registration and welcome

9.00 am: Challenges in aesthetic zone (Interactive Case Discussion)

10.00 am: Aesthetic risk assessment and Implants to replace multiple missing teeth in aesthetic zone

11.00 am: Coffee

11.30 pm: Extraction and its sequelae

12.00 pm: Tissue level or Bone Level in Aesthetic zone?

1.00 pm: Lunch

2.00 pm: Abutment connection surgery (including videos)

2.45 pm: Live surgery

4.30 pm: Coffee

4.45 pm: Biological rational for GBR

5.30 pm:              Plenary

6.30 pm:              Drinks and Dinner


Day 2 ??? 10th November 2017                                                 

9.00 am: Provisionalisation in aesthetic zone

9.45 am: Hands ??? on

Making provisional restoration                                                  1st Group

Customising impression copings                                                2nd Group

Designing CAD abutments 2nd group                                       3rd Group (Jose)

10.30 am: Coffee

12.00 pm: Lunch

1.00 pm: Hands-on surgical placement and GBR in pigs jaws

3.30 pm: Coffee

4.00 pm: Managing aesthetic failures

4.30 pm: Plenary

5.00 pm: Close