Meet our Professor: William Gillin. 'Material Miracles.'

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25 November 2015

Time: 7:00 - 10:00pm
Venue: Skeel Lecture Theatre, People’s Palace, Mile End Campus, Queen Mary University of London, London, E1 4NS

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Join us for Professor William Gillin, Professor of Experimental Physics, Inaugural Lecture, part of our 2015 / 16 Inaugural Lecture Series – Meet our Professors.

Lecture Synopsis:
Much of the technology we take for granted would have seemed miraculous even 30 years ago. The majority of these technological breakthroughs are based on developments in the fabrication of new materials. This lecture will highlight some examples of the ways materials have influenced he modern world and go on to explain the current research that may lead to future miracles.

Meet our Professor: Professor William Gillin, Professor of Experimental Physics: 
Professor William Gillin is the Director of the Materials Research Institute at Queen Mary University of London and the UK Director of the Sino-British Materials Research Institute at Sichuan University, China. His research is focused on the electrical and optical properties of novel semiconducting materials.