8th Annual Drapers' Lecture

15 January 2014

Time: 6:00pm
Venue: Skeel Lecture Theatre, People's Palace, Mile End Campus

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Speaker Professor Graham Gibbs, will explore how Higher Education is now alleged to be a market in which student choice ‘drives up quality’. If performance indicators available to prospective students are valid, and institutions make serious efforts to improve their performance indicators, then student choices might indeed improve quality. But do league tables and public data really tell us much about educational quality? And will institutional efforts improve quality, or only performance indicators? This lecture will summarise what is known about the variables that have been shown to make a difference to how much students learn. In doing so it will argue for changes to what ‘quality’ information is made available to students, and to how it is used by institutions to produce worthwhile improvements. 

The lecture is followed by a reception with staff, students and special guests from east London, the higher education sector and QM partners in industry, business and the arts.

This free public event is the Eighth annual Drapers' lecture, a series with gives new and challenging perspectives on teaching and learning from a variety of viewpoints, institutions and organisations.

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