SLLF Annual Lecture: Dr Rosa Vidal Doval

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28 March 2012

Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Maths Lecture Theatre, Maths Building, Mile End Campus, E1 $NS

In recent years there has been a shift from considering the maintenance and enforcement of religious orthodoxy as an intrinsic characteristic of Spanish late medieval and early modern history and national identity towards the recognition of the existence of alternative forms of spirituality. This lecture explores some of these movements, deemed heretical by the authorities, and considers the relationship between the notions of heresy and religious dissidence.

Rosa Vidal Doval specializes on late medieval Spanish history and culture, in particular inter-religious conflict between Christians, Jews and Muslims. Her publications include Las metamorfosis de la alegoría: discurso y poder en la Península Ibérica desde la Edad Media hasta la Edad Contemporánea, co-edited with Rebeca Sanmartín Bastida (Frankfurt am Main: Vervuert; Madrid: Iberoamericana, 2005), and Hacia una poética del sermón, a special issue of Revista de Poética Medieval (2010) co-edited with Rebeca Sanmartín Bastida and Barry Taylor. She is currently working on the role of polemical texts in the origins and early development of the converso problem in 15th century Castile. She is the director of the Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar and general editor of Papers of the Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar.


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