Recession, Racism and Riots

14 March 2012

Time: 6:00pm
Venue: G.E. Fogg Lecture Theatre, G.E. Fogg Building, Mile End Campus

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A roundtable discussion, with audience participation, between:

• Stafford Scott (Tottenham Defence Campaign)
• Denise Ferreira da Silva (Queen Mary)
• Devon Thomas (Brixton ’81 Retrospective Group)
• Mark Thompson (Cultural Chameleon Press)

Other speakers TBA

The shooting of unarmed Mark Duggan by police and their subsequent conduct towards the affected family and wider community in Tottenham were the flashpoints that sparked the August unrests of 2011. Join us for a discussion on the links between the recession, racism and the riots. Questions discussed will include:

• How are austerity measures impacting upon Black communities in particular?
• Are these measures exacerbating institutional racism?
• What has changed and what has stayed the same between 1981 and 2011?
• What positive visions are available to an increasingly embattled and excluded youth? And how might art serve social justice?

This event is being organised by the Centre for the Study of Global Development in association with the Centre for Ethics and Politics (CfEP).