How muSR contributes an industrial research

5 March 2012

Time: 1:00pm
Venue: G.O Jones Lecture Theatre G.O Jones Building Mile End Campus

How muSR contributes an industrial research

Dr Jun Sugiyama, Principal Research Scientist, Nano-Analysis Laboratory, Toyota Central R&D Laboratories., Inc.

Muon-spin spectroscopy (muSR) has been widely used for the research in a con densed-matter physics/chemistry world and provided great insights in the microscopic magnetic nature of many many materials, such as, ferromagnets, antiferromagnets, spin-glasses, superconducting materials, …. However, there has been less report on industrial applications of muSR. Making comparison with neutron scattering, the power of muSR is, in my feeling, too underestimated despite its unique time and spatial resolution. We have, therefore, initiated muSR experiments on several materials potentially applicable to future automobiles since 2001. In this talk, I wish to summarize the results on battery materials [1], fuel-cell materials [2], and ferromagnetic materials. Also, I would like to show the prospect, when an ultra-slow-muon beam is available in J-PARC.
[1] JS et al. PRL103, 147601 (2009); PRB82, 224412 (2010), PRB84,
054430 (2011).
[2] JS et al. PRB81, 092103 (2010).

Light refreshments will be served after the seminar.

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