EU Researchers' Night 2012

28 September 2012

Time: 3:00pm
Venue: People's Palace, Mile End & Centre of the Cell, Whitechapel

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The People's Variety Show presents:

East End's Got Talent

A diverse, continuous programme of events open to the public taking place simultaneously at Mile End and Whitechapel, sharing and showcasing research talent with local people, local artists, research academics and students.


  • The Naked Scientists Crisp Packet Firework show
  • Miss Frost and her amazing LEGO® universe
  • G-Hack’s Talking Teapots
  • Mistress of Ceremonies Tammy Whynot

Please click here to visit the event website for a full description of the activities taking place at both Mile End and Whitechapel. Online booking for both events is also available on the website.

This event is part of EU Researchers' Night - simultaneously presented across Europe in over 30 countries and 500 venues, Researchers' Night brings together academics, artists and the public to discover, be entertained, discuss their work and demonstrate how research can change and improve all our lives.