Reform and Reformation, 1400-1600

10 May 2011

Time: 10:30am
Venue: Room 609, G.O. Jones (Physics) Building, Mile End Rd

10.30 Arrival and coffee

10.45 Welcome and Introduction

Session I: 11-12.15
Matthew Champion (QMUL)
Music and Time in Fifteenth-Century Burgundy

Daniel Trocmé-Latter  (Cambridge)
Thieves, Drunkards, and Womanisers: Perceptions of Church Musicians
in Reformation Strasbourg"

LUNCH 12.15-1.00

Session II: 1.00-2.15
Stephen Bates (Warwick)
Our Lady's Psalter - the Rise and Fall of the Rosary in Reformation England

Laura Kounine  (Cambridge)
Languages of Defence and Religion in Lutheran Wuerttemberg Witchcraft Trials

Session III: 2.20-3.45

Dr. Chiara Franceschini (Warburg Institute)
Limbo and Christian society, 1400-1600

Laura Branch (Warwick)
Reforming the Self: the Religious Identities of London’s Merchants, c.1510-1600

Don White (Warwick)
Redirecting the “Flow”: Continuities and disruptions in sixteenth-century parish material cultures'

3.45 Tea

4.00—4.30 Final Discussion

The Programme has been planned to allow participants to attend at 5.30pm:
Professor Carlo Ginzburg (Scuola Normale Superiore , Pisa)
Duplication as distance - Erasmus Alber's Alcoranus Franciscanorum (1542-3) and its Reception: a Case Study in Sixteenth-Century Comparative Religion
Lecture Theatre, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square London WC1B 5DR

Other Participants
Professor John Arnold (Birkbeck)
Dr Anthony Bale (Birkbeck)
Professor Julian Boffey (QMUL)
Dr Maria Cruz de Carlos (Warburg Institute)
Professor Virginia Davis (QMUL)
Mr Robert Ellis (QMUL)
Mr James Everest (QMUL)
Dr Eva Holmberg (QMUL)
Dr David Irving (Cambridge)
Ms Eleanor Janega (SEESS, University of London)
Professor Beat Kumin (University of Warwick)
Professor Michael Questier (QMUL)
Professor Miri Rubin (QMUL)
Dr Ulinka Rublack (Canbridge)
Ms Carol Sibson (QMUL)
Mr Gustavs Strenga (QMUL)
Mr Christopher Nicholson (SEESS)
Mr Milan Zonca (QMUL)

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