qMedia Open Studio Reception

5 May 2010

Time: 5:00pm
Venue: Engineering Building, Mile End Campus, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS

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You are invited to attend a reception for the qMedia Open Studio event on the evening
of Thursday 5 May from 5pm until late. It will consist of a mixture of interactive
exhibits, installations and participative activities, including:
• Interaction with an audience of avatars and magic mirrors
• Aural transportation in our ambisonic studio
• Participation in the Media and Arts Technology hackathon
• Emotion tracking in real time on Twitter
qMedia is a new science and technology research centre based at Queen Mary,
University of London. This event is part of the Digital Shoreditch Festival to showcase
our teaching and research in the new Media and Arts Technology studios at Mile End.
To book your place at the reception on Thursday 5 May, please click on the ‘Book
Now’ link.

The qMedia Open Studio will continue on Friday 6 and
Saturday 7 May; there is no need to book these days,
just come along between 11am and 5pm.
Further information can be found at