A New Renaissance: Transforming Science, Spirit and Society

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6 November 2010

Time: 9:00am
Venue: Skeel Lecture Theatre, People's Palace, Mile End

This meeting marks the publication a new book "A New Renaissance" which diagnoses an urgent need for change and renewal in a period of crisis for philosophy, science and society. Reductionist science with its materialist values seems to be losing credibility. Its objectives of growth and acquisition, and its guiding principles asserting that there is no intrinsic meaning to life or purpose in the cosmos are now widely seen as creating an unsustainable world. The book is a cultural response to the failings of the materialist worldview. The event will feature four panel discussions, diagnosing the sources of the crisis in the current worldview, searching for a new understanding of consciousness and mind, looking to a renewal of spirituality beyond religion, and examining possible reforms in politics, economics and education to help bring forth a society that can sustain the flourishing of human beings in a globally interconnected world.

Price (including lunch/coffee/tea): £55 or £65 but £10 for full-time first-degree students
Contact: Charla Devereux, Scientific & Medical Network, phone 01608 652000, e-mail: 

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