Professor Markman Ellis Inaugural Lecture

12 January 2010

Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Skeel Lecture Theatre, People's Palace, Mile End

'The Philosopher at the Tea-Table'

Markman Ellis, Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies

Tea was a new commodity in Britain in the early eighteenth century, and, like coffee, was the subject of a vigorous and diverse debate as to its qualities and effects. Conducted in verse satires as much as botanical and medical tracts, discourse on tea focussed especially on the meaning and consequence of the social conversation of the tea-table.

Markman Ellis was educated at the universities of Auckland and Cambridge, and is the author of The Coffee-House: a cultural history (2004), The History of Gothic Fiction (2000) and The Politics of Sensibility (1996). He is at present completing a research project on the cultural history of tea and the tea-table in eighteenth-century Britain.


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