Professor Bland Finlay Inaugural Lecture

29 October 2009

Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Mile End Campus

'Everlasting picnic for protozoa'

Bland Finlay, Professor of Microbial Ecology

Most phagotrophic organisms in the world are protozoa and each individual is a single cell. Protozoa range in size from 0.002 to 2 millimetres and they usually eat other microbes. Many protozoa form consortia with other micro-organisms or chloroplasts stolen from microscopic plants. Some partners are "milked", some are digested, while others mop up metabolic waste.

Bland Finlay began his scientific career in the University of Stirling. In 1978 he started with the Freshwater Biological Association at the Ferry House in Windermere, and then joined NERC until 2007, when he started at Queen Mary as Professor of Microbial Ecology. Professor Finlay has been an invited researcher and guest professor in many universities around the world. He received the scientific medal of the Zoological Society of London, is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society, and a Fellow of the Royal Danish Society of Science and Letters.


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