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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Carlie D. Trott

Carlie D.

Assistant Professor in Psychology, University of Cincinnati, United States



My research aims to bring visibility to, and work against the inequitable impacts of climate change, socially and geographically. In particular, my climate justice research agenda is driven by the questions, “What does a psychology of transformative social change look like?” and “What psychosocial and structural factors facilitate or impede processes of transformative social change?” My work draws upon theories within and beyond psychology (e.g., social movement, socio-ecological, and empowerment theories), employs community-engaged, participatory, and action-oriented research methods, and aims to center the voices and experiences of those most affected by climate change to simultaneously advance social justice and environmental sustainability. In the U.S., BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and low-income communities as well as children and the elderly are facing disproportionate burdens as climate change exacerbates existing social, economic, and health inequities and exploits physiological vulnerabilities. My research in this area explores how to cultivate empowering spaces for minoritized and historically-excluded groups, especially young people, to learn about and take action on these issues according to their own interests and visions for a more just and sustainable future. In doing so, I use participatory action research (PAR) methods and engage with youth and community groups as co-researchers and critical actors for societal transformation.



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Climate justice; climate change education; youth-led participatory action research
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