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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Sujatha Subramanian


Lecturer, Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, The Ohio State University, United States



Dr. Sujatha Subramanian is a lecturer at the Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her research studies the juvenile justice system of India, arguing that the juvenile justice system is a carceral system that upholds and maintains Brahmanical patriarchy by policing and regulating girls from working-class, oppressed caste, and religious minority communities. Her work has been published in journals such as Women's Studies in Communication, Feminist Media Studies, The Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, and Economic and Political Weekly. Dr. Subramanian is also a collaborator with Detention Solidarity, an online space to critically engage with the structures and experiences of detention that constitute the carceral state in India.



Subramanian, S. (2021). Bahujan girls’ anti-caste activism on TikTok. Feminist Media Studies, 21(1), 154-156.

Subramanian, S., & Sharma, R. (2022). Toward an Anti-Caste and Feminist Vision of Transformative Justice: Analyzing Social Media Activism Against Sexual Violence. Women's Studies in Communication, 1-17.

Subramanian, S. (2021). Icons and archive of the protests against the citizenship (amendment) act and the national register of citizens. Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, 37(2), 127-135.

Gajjala, R., Ford, S., Kumar, V., & Subramanian, S. (2021). Online (Indian/South Asian) Digital Protest Publics Negotiating# POC,# BIPOC, and# anticaste. Networked Feminisms: Activist Assemblies and Digital Practices, 145.

Subramanian, S. (2015). From the streets to the web: looking at feminist activism on social media. Economic and Political Weekly, 71-78.


Girlhood Studies, Childhood and Youth Studies, Juvenile Justice, South Asia, Carceral Studies, Feminist Geography, Anti-Caste Theory, Feminist Critiques of the State, Feminist Media Studies.
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