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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Shani Roper

Curator, University of the West Indies Museum, United States



Shani Roper is Curator of the UWI Museum and a historian of Caribbean Childhoods with a focus on institutionalised children in Jamaica between 1858 and 1951. Her book project, "Eradicate before you Educate: Juvenile Criminality and Social Control in Colonial Jamaica 1869 – 1948," explores how evolving ideas of juvenile delinquency intersected with colonial discourses around sexuality, social pathology, and regulation of social behavior. Her other research interests include the intersection of museums and histories of trauma in the Caribbean, pedagogies of Caribbean history & museums education.



S Roper, " A Depraved Class": Regulating Juvenile Delinquency through Legislation in Colonial Jamaica 1881-1904, The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth 10 (1), 62-80 S Roper, Punishment, Discipline and Agency in the Government Reformatory in Colonial Jamaica 1869-1885, The Journal of Caribbean History 50 (2), 200 S Roper, Youthfulness as a Disability: Poor Relief, Children's Labour and the Maxfield Park Children's Home, 1918–1938, Journal of Caribbean History 53 (2), 223-244


Jamaica, Caribbean History, Histories of Caribbean Childhood, Social Welfare and Poor relief, Museums in the Caribbean
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