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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Shiran Reichenberg


Clinical teacher of the 'Youth at risk right' clinic, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel



Dr. Shiran Reichenberg is a clinical teacher of the 'Youth at-risk rights' clinic. The clinic promotes children's rights by personal advocacy, education and policy change. The main aim is to make their voices heard before decision-makers and relevant parties. As part of the clinic, Shiran has represented hundreds of youth and young people in Juvenile Court, District Court, and the Supreme Court, conducted street law workshops and worked to promote various policy change projects in Israel. Shiran also mentored hundreds of students as part of her work. Her doctoral dissertation subject is “The Right to Participation and Care Proceedings in Youth Court”.



Sharon Sionov, Shiran Reichenberg, Reut Rozner, Can Anyone Hear Me? On the Gender-Sensitivity Representation of Girls in Care and Supervision Proceedings in Juvenile Courts, 3 Ma’asei Mishpat, Tel Aviv University Journal of Law and Social Change, 2010, p. 103-123. Shiran Reichenberg, The Unheard Voices of Young Girls at Risk, The Convention on the rights of the child 30th Anniversary Book, Routledge Publishing (2021). Shiran Reichenberg, What is the Optimal Model for Child Representation in Civil Proceedings? (2008), written under the supervision of Prof. Michael Freeman.


Children's rights, Youth at risk, youth and welfare, care and supervision proceedings, implementation of the right to participation.
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