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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Professor Gill Main


Professor of Childhood, Youth and Social Justice, University of Leeds, United Kingdom



My research focuses on child poverty, social exclusion, and children's rights. I am particularly interested in how we can better incorporate the perspectives of children, young people and families into how we conceptualise, measure, and take action relating to these matters. I am interested in mixed methods and participatory research.



Chzhen, Y., Howarth, C. and Main, G. (2022) ‘Deprivation and intra-family conflict: Children as agents in the Family Stress Model’. In Journal of Marriage and Family. Accepted for publication on 19/7/21.

Howarth, C., Mansfield, M., McCartney, C. and Main, G. (2020) ‘A Different Take: Reflections on an intergenerational participatory research project on child poverty’. In Social Work and Society vol.18 no.3.

Marquez, J. and Main, G. (2020, online first) ‘Can schools and education policy make children happier? A comparative study in 33 countries’. In Child Indicators Research DOI:

Main, G. (2019) ‘Money Matters: A nuanced approach to understanding the relationship between household income and child subjective well-being’. In Child Indicators Research vol.12 pp1125-1145.

Main, G. (2018) ‘Fair Shares and Families: a child-focused model of intra-household sharing’. In Childhood Vulnerability Journal vol.1 no.1 pp31-49.


Child poverty, social exclusion, mixed methods, participatory methods
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